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Mushrooms, Mood & MORE! w. Sarah Fowler - Embodied Wellness Radio | Episode 36

podcast Jul 10, 2022

Todays episode is going to be a little different, as Denon is joined by Sarah Fowler, the co-founder of Vibe Mushrooms, a new and amazing local west-coast Canadian mushroom company.  This episode was actually recorded way back in the doldrums of winter, but was pushed back.  Nonetheless, the information is still pertinent today!

In this podcast, with the goal of improving a sense of wellbeing, better mood and overall happiness, we go into the hierarchy of what the body needs from the most fundamental levels first, then we talk about some supplements that can help with those basic foundational physiological needs, THEN we get into MUSHROOMS...specifically of the psychedelic variety. That's around about the 16 minute mark until about the 45 minute mark, then we talk about the non-psychedelic variety, and the ones that Vibe Mushrooms offer.  The funny thing is we actually had to get back on and record a second time because some new information presented itself courtesy of her science team, so you'll hear us pop back on again near the end to clear the air on a few points we made as-well.

But before we dive into another great episode, we have one quick request.  Since this is a free show and we don't often bring on advertisers, in fact we've actually turned down advertisers,  all we ask is that you subscribe to the show and drop us a 5 star rating if you haven't already, it takes like 3 seconds, and if you know someone or want to share this show with social media, we would appreciate that more than you know because THAT is how we can spread the good word of health to more and more people as the show grows.  

Connect with Vibe Mushrooms at the links below:


Podcast Links:

More Resources:

Shrooms for the brain:

A few scholarly articles on Lions Mane and Brain Health:

Other resources spoken about on the show:

Podcast Time-Stamps:

  • 0:00 - Episode context
  • 2:03 - Intro
  •  3:42 - Increasing your mood, energy and happiness by first improving sleep, food and movement
  • 11:38 - Denon explains why he doesn't like or recommend melatonin
  • 16:20 - Sarah and Denon begin to talk about mushroooms
  • 30:00 - Sarah talks about her introduction into mushrooms
  • 21:20 - Microdosing psilocybin explained
  • 25:49 - Denon talks about his experience microdosing psilocybin 
  • 31:50 - Psychedelic assisted therapy
  • 38:10 - Who shouldn't consume psilocybin
  • 41:19 - The AMAZING Vibe Mushrooms brand
  • 46:30 - Can the vibe products be effected by light or heat in the environmentally friendly packaging?
  • 48:15 - Active compounds are rarely transparent in the industry of mushrooms
  • 50:23 - Does mycelium matter?  (It's not what you think!)


This podcast is for information purposes only.  The views and discussions from guests or hosts is for educational purposes , and should not be taken as medical advice.  Please contact your medical provider for more information on anything you may have questions about.  The views and discussions on this episode are not a political stance on any topic.  

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