We use science to empower people to take control of their health, help consumers make the best buying decisions, and teach women to live their greatest lives through cycle syncing, hormone optimization, and other health strategies!


Something for Every-body

No matter your health level or fitness experience, Embodied Wellness has a solution for you.


Keep your eyes peeled for the new offerings that we'll have coming in 2023, including semi-coached self-led programs.


Private Coaching

A hands-on approach to guidance and accountability to completely shift your mindset, habits, nutrition and body.  

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Functional Testing

We offer access to lab testing to those who are looking to to identify underlying conditions that are the root cause of many common health challenges.

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Embodied Wellness Co. was founded on the idea that no one trainer alone can design the most optimal program for their client. Sarah & Denon believe that the next frontier in health coaching will be done in teams, with individuals who specialize in multidimensional wellness, coming together to review research, design and progressively develop fitness and nutrition lifestyle programs to meet your goals. The Embodied Wellness specialists work diligently behind the scenes to continuously learn and uncover new information that can be used to help in your journey to your future self.


Meet the team

Chelsie R.

"I started training with Sarah July 1, 2020. Since then my body transformation has been incredible! I have always been mindful of my diet and exercise but Sarah’s workout, nutrition plan and guidance to support me and what is best for me mentally, emotionally and physically have taken me to the next level. Sarah takes time to create individual plans, her weekly updates are always well thought out with information, helpful tidbits and sometimes just looking at things from a different point of view that you didn’t even know you needed to hear. Her enthusiasm and commitment to help make me be the best me I can in all aspects of my life is truly inspiring.”

Alyssha S.

“I just want you to know that your monthly program and workouts have been the only thing I’ve ever stuck too! The flexibility is great for my schedule (I’m working and going to nursing school) and the workouts are ALWAYS entertaining and keep me motivated to show up. I also appreciate all of your advice. I find it really honest and I love that you share your personal experiences and routines because it makes it so much more real and I feel like I can make the same positive changes in my life.”

Peggy S

“Sarah and her workouts have kept me active and motivated while quarantining and working from home. The workout schedule is always changing and different to keep us physically challenged but Sarah always gives modification options in case you have any injuries, etc. which is so awesome. I have lost 15 pounds by committing to move my body daily and eating healthy most of the time while still enjoying a bit of some not so healthy things I love too. Sarah is full of energy and knowledge. I’ve applied so many of her fitness, nutrition and general wellness tips to my daily routines to make many little positive changes in my life which have made such a huge difference."

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