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5 Red Meat MYTHS - Embodied Wellness Radio | Episode 44

podcast Nov 27, 2022

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” = “Increased consumption of”; Severe obesity: BMI 35–40 [a]; Heavy smoking: ≥10 cigarettes/day (avg 21.97 or ~1 pack) [b, c]; Vegetable oilIncrease consumption by 12% of calories [d]; Physical inactivity: <2 times/week [e]; Heavy drinking: >14 drinks/week for men or >7 drinks/week for women [f, g, h]; Moderate smoking: <10 cigarettes/day [i] Sugar: ≥73.2g sugar/day for women or ≥79.7g sugar/day for men [j]; Processed meat: Increase of at least 2 servings/week [k, l, m]; Air pollution: per 10 μg/m3 long-term exposure to PM 2.5 [n, o]; Red meat: Increase of at least 2 servings/week [p, q, r]; Sodium: >2,300 mg/day [s].



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