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5 Holistic Supports for Acne w. Zoe Quindazzi - Embodied Wellness Co | Episode 35

podcast Jun 28, 2022


Skin Health is so much more than outward beauty; it is a picture into the internal wellness as well. Every day our bodies talk to us, but are we listening to the subtle messages? Skin issues, digestive issues and hormonal issues are some ways the body is letting us know that we have an imbalance in the body that needs our attention. Our guest this week, Zoe Quindazzi says;

"I would be negligent then as an esthetician to be helping you address your skin concerns and not bring your attention to the internal sources. They are connected, your skin is not separate from your body, in fact it is an immunity organ and so we cannot ignore the connection. The behavior that caused the imbalance needs to be addressed. ACNE is no different."

Zoe is trained and licensed in the USA in spa, medical and holistic esthetics, and has also spent time honing her craft working in a spa, an OBGYN medical clinic and now own my own medical/holistic esthetics studio.

Zoe has brought her 17 years of experience in skincare to her studio, Skincare Correctives, a studio located in Victoria, BC with a second location opening up in Temecula, CA in September. 

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Podcast Time-Stamps:

  • 6:15 - A brief look at Zoe's origin story
  • 12:30 - Question 1: Sarah asks "So with skincare, what are some things that you often see people doing that are maybe not great for acne prone skin?" and we talk about over-stripping the skin.
  •  14:36 - What does over-stripping the skin look like from one person to another?
  • 18:35 - Skin mapping acne - What it means on different places on the face
  • 22:30 - The effect of digestion on the skin, and tips to help 
  • 30:00 - Sarah talks about the common food triggers we see among our clients for acne
  • 34:12 - Sarah and Zoe talk about Sarah's past experience with terrible eczema, as well as birth control and acne
  • 38:00 - Detoxification processes for better skin (NOT some trendy "detox" tea) 
  • 46:20 - Hormones, Zoe's past experience with challenges she's overcome, estrogen and xenoestrogens, and cortisol
  • 54:20 - Emotions
  • 59:00 - A few supplements that Zoe loves (message her for details)



We talk SO MUCH in this podcast about the importance of digestion.  The foods we consume that are PACKED with micronutrients that help to feed our body are useless if we aren't properly digesting and absorbing our food properly.

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This podcast is for information purposes only.  The views and discussions from guests or hosts is for educational purposes , and should not be taken as medical advice.  Please contact your medical provider for more information on anything you may have questions about.  The views and discussions on this episode are not a political stance on any topic.  

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