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The MANY Full-Body Benefits of Red Light & Infrared Light Therapy - Embodied Wellness Co. | Episode 22

podcast Jan 24, 2022

EPISODE 22 – The MANY Full-Body Benefits of Red Light & Infrared Light Therapy| By Embodied Wellness Co.

We've always been interested in optimizing our body and minds, and are open to exploring all forms of biohacking to support our development. Eventually we purchased the Orion Pro900 Red Light Therapy device for Denon's birthday.  After daily testing and enjoying the benefits, we decided to bring on Matt Liao & Sandra Lee from Orion RLT join Denon to cover a super interesting new form of full-body therapy using red light therapy & infrared light.

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Depression & Mental Health Research - Red Light and Near Infrared Science:

Sexual Health - Red Light and Near Infrared Science:

Skin, Hair & Cellulite - Red Light and Near Infrared Science:

Muscle and Performance - Red Light and Near Infrared Science:

More Red Light and Infrared Light science on many general health topics:

For DOZENS more studies, check out and feel free to google the studies referenced in the Orion reference page list HERE

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