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Mitochondria & Gut Health w. Roland Pankewich - Embodied Wellness Co | Episode 30

podcast Mar 29, 2022

Today we're joined by expert Roland Pankewich on an ALL-TIME podcast to dive into the topics of gut health and mitochondria! 

Roland is quietly one of the worlds brightest minds in the health field, even being praised by one of Denon's mentors as being one of the smartest people he's met.  Roland has traveled the world speaking and educating on all kinds of topics of health, started Canada's first health optimization clinic, and works with high performing individuals, including business owners and professional athletes to help them find optimal health and performance in their lives. 

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Podcast Time-Stamps:

  • 2:40 - A brief look at Rolands origin story
  • 6:43 - What is mitochondria and why is it so critical to our health that mitochondria functions efficiently? 
  • 9:12 - What happens when we have mitochondrial dysfunction?
  • 10:40 - Is there a way to test or know a difference for general mitochondrial fatigue and HPA axis disfunction (adrenal fatigue)? Or with HPA axis disfunction, is there always an issue with the mitochondria?
  • 13:35 - What are the materials that mitochondria need to function properly?
  • 18:00 - In recent years there has been solid evidence that shows there is constant communication between our mitochondria and your gut microbiota.  Can you explain how poor gut health could lead to mitochondrial damage, or vice versa, damage to the microbiota colonies of the gut?
  • 22:20 Studies have shown gut cells signalling to mitochondria can activate immune cells and alter epithelial barrier function. Intestinal permeability can be a huge cause of immune dysregulation, can you explain a bit about the role mitochondria plays in this?
  • 25:20 - Inflammation: Most people are walking around with a chronic degree of heightened immune response
  • 26:24 - On the topic of immunity, Roland talks about the lymphatic system
  • 31:27 - The importance of the quality of your water for energy, and the concepts of hydration.
  • 34:27 - How can someone start to drink higher quality water?
  • 37:00 - How can someone start to heal their mitochondria?


At 13:35 we asked Roland about the most important nutrients for our mitochondria, and Roland makes a really interesting point speaking about the importance of proteins saying

"The most important thing for mitochondrial structure is amino acids and minerals.  So if someone is on a protein deficient diet, especially missing their essential amino acids, next to water proteins are the most important structure in the body.  So if you're not eating enough protein, or not digesting your proteins properly, theres a chance you're not going to be building high quality tissue."

 So this is a pretty critical point!  This is why of ALL the supplements on the market, we highly recommend that people take advantage of a HIGH QUALITY digestive enzyme supplement to ensure they're getting enough protein digested and extracted from their food.  Our go-to digestive enzyme supplement that we recommend to all of our clients is MassZymes by BiOptimizers.    People who don't have enough enzymes have been shown in research to have more chronic ailments, such as arthritis, diabetes, allergies, skin diseases, cancer, immune deficiencies and much more.  Nowadays, due to poor environmental factors, diet and the chemicals in our foods, many of us suffer from decreased enzyme levels. Because of genetics, diet, lifestyle, processed foods, and a toxic environment, we are all at risk for decreased enzymes levels.   Click on the image of MassZymes below for more information, and use code "EMBODIED10" at checkout for a little discount on your order!  


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This podcast is for information purposes only.  The views and discussions from guests or hosts is for educational purposes , and should not be taken as medical advice.  Please contact your medical provider for more information on anything you may have questions about.  The views and discussions on this episode are not a political stance on any topic.  

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