Purpose, Self-Healing, & The Human Mind w. Justin Lovato | Episode 40 | Embodied Wellness Co.

These days people are inundated with alerts and notifications, a constant barrage of stimulus, and for many people, an ongoing struggle with their minds, from anxiety to the inability to focus, battling to take back control from the chaos and non-stop filtering of information.  Todays guest is Justin Lovato, Part of his purpose is to help others understand how to quiet the analytical mind… to dissolve the “ego", clear anxiety, and heal from trauma, working with individuals to identify and simply non-serving behaviours.   Not only that, but Justin is also an absolute BEAST in the gym having being also known for having trained top hollywood celebrities such as Josh Brolin, who many of you might know better as Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic universe, or Cable from Deadpool 2.  We are very excited to share his Justin's deep wisdom with the Embodied Wellness community. 

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