The Glyphosate Crisis - Gut Health, Mental Health & More | Episode 37 | Embodied Wellness Co.

Humanity is in a conundrum when it comes to the quality of our food supply, especially when it comes to the topic of pesticides and herbicides on our food.  On one hand, we literally can’t feed the entire planets population of 7.7 billion people on purely organic food and food cycles, it’s impossible.  And any time a government talks about getting serious on their campaign on lowering pesticide use in the country, it's met with uproar from the farming community because modern plants will no longer survive without them.  But, especially with the glaring health effects, it also seems that right now of all times, we need to take as much action as we can to educate ourselves and devise a plan, at the very least starting within our own homes on how we can make the best swaps and adjustments in our products and foods to lower the accumulation of what feels like a constant barrage of a toxic load.  

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